What methods have you found to easily identify success/failure
information for distributions (in a large environment)?

I'm rather new to the process but, for example, if I report on
distribution detail (distributor - reporting - distribution detail) for a
test distribution that I send to try to verify that the server can
receive something, I get over 1500 pages of information from the canned
report (about 400+ servers, this is the only distribution out there).
Even if I attempt to export that information, it is very cumbersome and
impossible to decipher failures or potential problems.

iManager (i.e., the remote web console) does not appear to be feasible
given the size of our servers and the need to manually add the servers to
the view.

Am I making this more difficult than it needs to be (or maybe I
overlooked something in the documentation)? I'd appreciate your

Thank you,