Hello everyone,

I'm running a NW6.5 cluster that currently has ZSM6.5SP1 on it. Rather
than move to SP2, I'm going to upgrade to 7SP1. The current
configuration runs 2 distributors - in separate cluster resources that
never cross paths.

I want to make some changes so that I can manage the base cluster
servers as well. I want to run a distributor in a cluster resource and
I also want to run subscribers on every cluster node.

The documentation discusses cluster-ready and cluster-aware as two
options. I want both.

Cluster-ready puts the distributor/subscriber in a cluster resource
and lets me migrate it to any of its associated nodes - which I want.
This is fine for the distributor, but it leaves the base servers
unmanageable by ZSM.

Cluster-aware lets me install the subscribers to the base cluster
nodes, which I also want.

I'm going to be installing in a test environment using this
configuration - install as cluster-aware so that we can have a
subscriber on each cluster node. Then I'm planning to install a
distributor/subscriber as cluster-ready to a cluster resource so that
I can migrate it across its assigned servers.

Has anyone done this?

Comments/suggestions would be appreciated.


Carol Ann