I have set a distribution and channel but i am getting these messages in
the TED dist log. Please note % represent a sensitive variable

2006.08.24 14:30:43 [TED:Event Processing] Gather
AOTfiles.Distributions.ZfS.ZENworks.WCP stopped with error:
PROGRAMS:\zenworks\pds\ted\dist\%Treename%~aotfile s.distributions.zfs.zenworks.%O%\1156384594035_TEM P\sp2.spk

2006.08.24 15:51:44 [TED:Event Processing] Distribution
AOTfiles.Distributions.ZfS.ZENworks.%O% not available to distribute.

I do not understand I set up a test distribution and that worked fine, but
when it came to setting up a real one it all went pear-shaped
ZFS 7sp1 netware 6.5sp5 edir