Pardon the stupidity here.

I'm just trying to get the thing working in a test lab without the
benefit of any training (so I'm relying 100% on the manuals--eesh).

anyway, I think I installed the stuff correctly and am making a test

I created an app object (ZENworks) that's an MSI-based app with a

It has a macro in it (SOURCE_PATH). I don't know if this is still
needed if using TED or not (right now, we manually duplicate the objects
and then edit just the source path info so we don't have to mess with
the Sources and MSI-> Transorms, etc.)

Step 7d and 7e (page 296 of the PDF) for TED have me a little confused.
Do I WANT to keep the same source path? I'd guess not since they are on
diff. servers.

For the destination volume, it defaults to: %DEST_VOLUME% But I'm not
sure where to define this. The 73 steps say it's on the "dest.
subcriber server's properties), but the NCP server object doesn't have
this field anywhere. The SUBSCRIBER SERVER object has what appears to
be two spots:

General -> Working directory

Or do I leave those alone and just try to figure out what to put in step
7f? How does one put the server name, etc. in there?