We've got our lab setup and are experiencing further errors after
rebuilding the entire lab from scratch.


NW6.5 running eDirectory
OES SP2 acting as the subscriber

We got to a point yesterday where we were creating MSI apps which were
being pulled in from a non NSS volume on the OES server. We had created
the MSI application objects and gone through the process of creating the
distribution and channel objects and saw this error in the log:

2006.09.06 15:32:25 [TED:Event Processing] Gather
test-distro.ZFS.ZFS-LAB stopped with unknown error.

So we recreated the app with no MSI and the application object was
successfully distributed.

We thought it was something to do with where the MSI application was
being pulled in from.

So we created an NSS volume on the OES server, moved the apps to that
location and recreated the application object witn an MSI.

We then re-created the distribution object and channel, referenced the
application from the newly created NSS volume and refreshed the distributor.

We then saw these errors in the log files:

2006.09.07 10:17:20 [TED:Event Processing] Gather
Distro.DISTRIBUTIONS.ZFS.ZFS-LAB stopped with unknown error.

2006.09.07 10:22:19 [TED:Event Processing] Distribution
BlankApp.DISTRIBUTIONS.ZFS.ZFS-LAB not available to distribute.

2006.09.07 10:22:19 [TED:Event Processing] DEV-NW-001.rspcaint.net
refused connection.

Can anyone advise us on what we might be doing wrong or where to look
for further instruction?