Anyone else experience this symptom...

The load line for ZFS is at the end of the autoexec.ncf. When I look
at a distribution via iManager, I see that there is no status
reporting, so I NRM to the server. I see "zenworks" as a screen name
and toggle to it...the moment I get to the screen, it is blank and then
begins to fill with startup-like statements (ephemeral keys, etc.).

It is almost like it hangs in the middle of loading.

I was thinking of putting a delay in the autoexec in the event that
another product might be stepping on it, but this is the only
application that seems to behave this way...and it is intermittant
(tough to track). I wanted to ask if this has been seen elsewhere.

Specs: NetWare 6.5 SP5, ZSM 7 with HP3

Anyone else?