I've made my first attempt at distributing a Zen App (MSI based) using a J:\
mapping, since all of our users in 25 locations have a j:\ mapping for Zen
applications, going to their local server. When I attempted to distribute
this application I got an error on the distributor, stating the variable
for J:\ didn't exist, all previous Zen Apps I had done, were UNC path
based, pointing back to our main application server, but this is the first
one where we want the application to be deployed from local branch servers.
My question is where is does this variable need to be set, in addition to
the MSI path being on J:\, we also have an .MST file as well being pulled
from J:\. Additionally, what is the best practice for distributing
applications, UNC path or Drive mapping, the reason for drive mappings, is
that we didn't want to create separate applications for each location.