We're just finishing a server and workstation roll out, and I've come back
to this thorny issue once again. I'm starting a new thread as I suspect that
the original from Feb 06 has fallen off most peoples news readers (then
again perhaps not).

A brief recap.... I want to be able to distriibute server patches out to our
subscribers, and to have them run the extract at/between specific time, so I
can tell the users that their server will be down between specific times,
rather than a nebulous 3 or 4 hour period, depending on how busy the comms
lines are with other things.

> What I'd really like to be able to do is say...
> Build it Now
> Send it Now
> Run it at the time I specify AND also run once only.

Jared suggested this....

>> How about this
>> Build schedule is 6PM Tuesday
>> Channel Schedule(send schedule) could be send now (sends after build has
>> happened)
>> Run time or extract time would be Wednesday at 8pm
>> So the server reboot should happen between 8:30 and 9:pm I would say,
>> depending on how fast your servers can extract the package.

>> I am thinking there is more options too, but how does this sound?

The problem is that there isn't (or I can't work out) a way to set the
extraction time on the subscriber for a distribution. The only way there
seems to be of specifing the extraction time is in the subscriber object,
and that would make it a global setting for all packages that a server
subscribes to. I have fiddled with setting up a 2nd subscriber object, but
it doesn't seem to want to take... Probably a bad idea anyways...:)

Marcus suggested

>> create a channel with will never run.
>> create a package with build never run
>> override the send in the package to immidialty
>> refresh distributor
>> go into the ZSM webinterface
>> go to your distribution, start the build

>> if you select the build to be immidiat it would also work... but every
>> refresh
>> of the distributor would force a new build

I've tried this a couple of times, and it doesn't seem to help (unless I am
missing something). Using this method lets me manually start the build
process, but I still have to wait for the package to build, and more
importantly distribute, so we're back to the same issue with not really
knowing when it will actually arrive at the remote site.

The run once only I can do by checking for file dates/times in the
requirements section when I build the CPK. Of course, this won't stop it
distributing out multiple times, tho I can kinda simulate that by setting
the maximum revisions to some high humber.

Does anyone have an ideas how I can specify an extract time/schedule for a