Hello all,

just went into a problem while planning/setting up an distributed

Is there any way (or useful work-around) to get this applications

- applications are .msi, however source path includes a variable for
desktops local system language

- if I don't use those variables I have to maintain 1 xtra application
per language and some overhead using requirements to get the right
language installed per desktop, another advantage: hard linked msi's
are slower to maintain (especially over WAN connections)

- with use of those variables the TED (of course...) can't resolve the
sources (NAL would interpret it as \app\german or \app\english...)

- my goal is to have an easy update-rollout: replace the msi and change
the requirements (mostly version information)

The only idea is: Split up into two parts - use msiexec (so I wouldn't
have the need for any source files, hopefully this works(?)) and
another part using file distribution to get the sources updated.

Any ideas, comments etc. ?:)

Thx in advance