I'd like to solicit some advice for this distribution...

The distribution is a file(s) that will be sent to several servers, but
to different destination volumes. I was considering a tag file option
instead of breaking this down into multiple distibutions (i.e., one to
send to vol1, another to send to vol2) due to the managability of
multiple subscriber groups. Originally, I had in mind a distribution
similar to what I can do with ZfD, which is to distribute the file to
volume A if a tag file exists in a directory, or volume B on the same
server if the tag existed there.

In the software packages, I can do a "if file exists," but I have not
figured out how to copy from the distributor to a specific directory (I
don't know if it is a syntax problem with my path or not, but UNC does
not seem to work and generates an error) based on that condition. If I
do a straightforward file distribution, there does not seem to be an
option to include an "if file xxx.tag exists" restriction.

Has any crossed a similar hurdle or have an idea of how to manage this
with either a single distribution or server software package?