Hi all,

ZDM/ZSM7.01 is installed, OS is NetWare 6.0SP5 and NetWare 6.5SP5/SP6.
NetWare 6.0 got JVM 1.4.2 SP4 installed, 6.5SP5 as out of the

In the past I found ZENloader eating up lots of memory, resulting in
different behaviours:

- ZENworks screen displays a VM heap error message, hangs
- ZENworks stops working ("null"-errors), stops responding later

Stopping/unloading any java relatated stuff will end in ZENloader
(shutting down), any further tries to kick java might end in a dump.
The only method working so far is killing the ZENloader via NRM.

A look into the java application information displays "problem with
memory cleanup".

(messages might be different cuz' system run in german)

Any ideas?

Thx in advance