In ZSM reporting, SNMP alerts are sent for success, failures, etc., in
increasing detail until developer trace information is provided. In
iManager, you can visually inspect status that includes success, partial
success, errors and "unknowns." In the canned reports, you can search on
status of "success" or "failure," but not "unknown."

How do people handle the reporting of unknowns for large numbers of

The problem we are trying to address is that the visual investigation from
iManager lends itself to human error. However, since there is no alert
for "unknown," there is no other way to deduce such information. To
further complicate the issue is that "uknown" also equates to "in progress
but not yet attempted" as the distribution is being sent.

How does your organization manage overnight reports, or alerts, to ensure
that clients distributions were successful or not?