I’ve been using Zenwork for many years but just started a company
wide design to use Zenworks Server management, primarily T.E.D. System
overview: Windows 2003 SP2 – eDir – Zenworks Desktop
Management 7.01 HP3 – Zenworks Server Management 7.01 HP4

The problem I have is trying to distribute a “simple app” from
the Distributor to 50+ subscribers. For example, I want to maintain one
copy of ConsoleOne and distribute to my remote site and run from the
network. All my MSI “Desktop Distributions” and “File
Distributions” work fine.

Distributor Defined Macro: SOURCE_PATH = \masterzenZENAppsConsoleone
Distributor Path: \masterzenZENAppsConsoleOne
Distributor File: \masterzenZENAppsConsoleOne1.2binConsoneOne.exe
Distributor Run to path: \%SOURCE_PATH%1.2binConsoleOne.exe

Subscriber Defined Macro: SOURCE_PATH = ZEN (Windows App Share)
Subscriber Path: \remotesiteZENAppsConsoleOne
Subscriber File: \remotesiteZENAppsConsoleOne1.2binConsoneOne.exe
Subscriber Run to path: \%SOURCE_PATH%1.2binConsoleOne.exe

The files and folder defined within the Distributors
“SOURCE_PATH” do push to the Subscribers, but the “Run
to Path” field doesn’t update the way I expect. The “Run
to Path” field gets completely replaced with the
“SOURCE_PATH” value, not inserting itself into the needed
space “\%SOURCE_PATH%1.2binConsoleOne.exe”