We have been running TED since late last year. We are beginning to deploy
our "golden" applications to all sites. One issue we have run into is TED
Subscribers locking up. When this happens the ZENworks screen on the
subscriber server will not take any input. It requires a ZFSSTOP and a ZFS
to return to normal function. This happens quite frequently and I am
interested in getting it resolved. Here are the pertinent details.

NetWare 6.5 SP5
ZENworks 7 SP1
java.nlm 1.4.2_13

When the lockup occurs server utilization spikes to 70 - 75%. In NRM I
find the following on the Profile/Debug screen:

Java_985 StdioInputThread A09F43C0 Yielded CPU JAVA.NLM 43.3 %
Java_985 Watcher 99770340 Yielded CPU JAVA.NLM 17.9 %
Java_985 ZenWebInfoServer 96023520 Yielded CPU JAVA.NLM 17.5 %
Java_985 WorkorderServer 9FA702E0 Yielded CPU JAVA.NLM 17.4 %

Once the restart of ZFS is complete server utilization returns to the
normal level immediately.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.