after using an application successful in my central location I want to
distribute it - what's the problem: The application itself contains 13
simple msi installations as dependent....

So what happens: The source path contains 13 msi files, the
distribution file contains all files for every application...even if
they are the same...
I was curious about not getting the gather finished, instead I got a
"volume almost out of space" message.

My question: Is this working as designed, will it be changed (it doesnt
make sense to distribute the same files multiple times...), is it a bug

I'm going to put the msi into different subfolders now (change of
source path, origin path is needed too...) - I think this would work
well as a workaround, however I would like to know if it's designed
that way - so you have to take care not to share any folders or

Thx in advance