I am using ZSM 7.0.1 installation program and trying to install only
subscriber functinality on a cluster OES Netware with Sp5.
The installation says it goes successful in the 2 logfiles that comes up
after the installation but when I try to offline and then online the
cluster-volume with the ZSM7 installed on it it goes into comatose because
the zfs.ncf is missing in the zenworks folder on the volume. I can not find
the file on any other volume on the server. I also have the ZDM701 installed
on the server before I install ZSM701 on it. The ZDM701 install was totaly
fine and it works great. The only ZDM701 services installed on the server on
the same volume is WOL, Import and Removal.

So my question is, how am I supose to get the right files and folders into
the cluster and to get it work. It should not be a problem.
Does anyone no what to do.


Best regards Jonas Rydstrom