This may get complicated but for the moment I'll keep it as simple as

We have a server that had ZFS7.0 installed and a subscriber object
created. For various reason the server was upgraded and ZFS 7.1 was
installed and at the same time the ZFS volume was changed from ADMIN:
to ZEN: Since then the distributions to that server fail. It's giving
an error: "The current working directory of ADMIN:\pds\ted\sub could
not be located or created, therefore the operation could not be
completed". Now in the Subscriber object we have a working directory
of ZEN:\pds\ted\sub which does exist. We also have a problem with this
server in that TED.CFG is not there, it is not created. We copied one
from a different server and it seems to just ignore it. We have
re-installed ZFS, uninstalled and re-installed, installed while
chanting, and installed under a blue moon, while chanting, and
standing on one leg but all to no avail.

Can anyone shed some light on this?