We are new to TED. We have thirteen sites that we are going to replicate Apps to. Currently, we have manually (some ZENith) copied our apps to an existing container (Applications) under each location's context (which are partitions). So in other words each site has it's own set of apps and it's own application Folder object.

We have set up a new container at each site to facilitate our "target context" for the new, GOLD apps, and new Application Folder (same structure as the existing). WE have done some manual tests of having a USER object associated to an App that reside's in our specific site's Target area, in which the app is associated to the App folder object in this area. The result is that the User receives a combo of the two Application folders---User has a app associated in the Target area, and an app in the existing site's "applications" container.

The source context (partition) is in our Corp Office, and copies of the replica are only at that site. In the Source context, we also have an Application Folder. Our assumption is that we have to make that folder association in this context, to be able to replicate that same associate to the Target.

We need some direction or further explanation of Application Folder usage in the TED system.