My apologies for posting this twice. I posted it first as a follow up
to an old thread in ...

I am quoting some comments made in that forum.

Then after surfing the forums for awhile, I thought the issue might get
more attention, if I posted it here. I am looking for ideas and advice
on the future of snap shot, and any tools that Novell might provide to
replace it.

If I could address some of these comments, in hopes of better
understanding ...

RE: >>>
> Most companies invest in packaging tools such the full version of
> AdminStudio to create deployment packages. They then use their desktop
> management suites to deploy those packages.

Admin Studio is not cheap. After a client has spend thousands of
dollars to implement ZENWorks, now I have to tell them to drop another
couple thousand down for an application packager. I also don't fully
understand Novell's relationship with the product, they don't seem to be
partnering well together, I'd appreciate anyone else's read on this

RE: >>
> Novell has for over 5 years now been trying to steer people from
> Snapshot

I've heard that statement made verbally by many engineers, but I don't
always see the practice following that.

Has Novell ever gone on record to state they will no longer support snap

RE: >> > If your snapshots are failing with the latest versions of
snapshot, then
> most likely your software package falls outside the scope of what
> snapshot should be trying to handle.

Maybe I've just gotten lucky? I've have not had many issues with using
snapshot, and I have been involved in a wide variety of applications.

I have seen the statement made on the forum that ZEN Works is not really
a "Packaging" suite. While that may be a true statement, because
Snapshot has been packaged with the product for so long, the mind set of
customers is that it is expected to work, and be supported.

I look forward to additional comments on this matter.