I installed adminstudio 7.5 (from Zen 7 CDs on my workstation.
Repackager recommends running from a mapped drive, so I got onto the
target machine and mapped a drive 'r' to \\workstation\c$.
No problem here, but when I try to run r:program
files\installshield\adminstudio\7.5\adminstudio.ex e, I get an error that
the adminUIframework dll was not found.
To me this says that Adminstudio needs to be loaded on the target
machine??? Certainly I am wrong here.

Can anyone tell me how to properly get this running on the remote/target
computer? I will be taking a snapshot first, but I would like to know
how to start an MSI install. (The software is a commercial canned
product from a CD.)

(I used to just run the snapshot application from the public zenworks
directory. Now it apparently is different))
Sorry for the completely basic question.
Thanks for your help.