My organization uses BorderManager as the proxy. We're experiencing the
following situation and I hope someone out there can help:

We are trying to access a MS sharepoint site and are getting an access
denied message. The error mesage does not come from bordermanager but from
the sharepoint site.
The message is:
"Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or
access this resource.

Access requests are not enabled."

The main site is www.vermontmathematics.org
The site is not blocked by any access control lists and actually comes up
just fine in any browser.

The sharepoint link is (Very long and tedious):

The problem is when we try to use the above link. We're supposed to get a
sign in box upon clicking this link. This never happens and the proxy log
shows a 401 code on this attempt. The browser never shows the 401 error
code. It 'thinks' for a while before it comes up with the sharepoint
services error.

I believe the problem is with our border server since I have tested it
successfully on the same PC and network while not going through the proxy
server. The site works flawlessly when border is taken out of the picture.

I've pored over the border manager settings for days and haven't had any
Any ideas?

Thanks for any input.