Is the snapshot the only way to look at the data within our directories or
is there a real-time way of analyzing this data with NSM?

I am confused as to how I should have our Sentinels setup in our NetWare
cluster environment. At this point I have yet to get a successful

We have a cluster environment of 5 nodes (node1, node2, node3, node4, and
node5). I have NSM installed onto one of our cluster volumes running on
node1. I then loaded the fsfengin.nlm on the node hosting the custered
volume (node1) where I installed NSM. I then used the NSMAdmin tool to
install and start the sentinel on a different node (node2).

I am now trying to run a snapshot from the volume loaded on node1 and have
also tried running a snapshot from a volume loaded on node3 with no
success. Do I have to have the sentinel running on the node where the
clustered volume is mounted that I am trying to take a snapshot of?