I have several users that are stuck in NSM with status, "waiting for set
policy DS sync". These users are destined for the same location on
cluster. This is our VAULT location which is really like another site.

The NSM engine and sentinels do not have replicas that hold cluster server
(OES 2 Linux). The NSM servers are Netware 6.5 SP boxes. But, these
Netware servers do have subordinate replicas to cluster server objects.
When I look in dsrepair some of the cluster server objects (which are
destination for my users being moved) are UNKNOWN. If this is the case,
would this cause problems moving a user to an UNKNOWN resource?

My Linux(OES SP2) replica servers hold copies of all replicas.

Is this due to the replica placements?

If I add another replica to Netware root replica this will put that
cluster replicas at 11 replicas. Which is over Novell's recommendation.

Any suggestions, before I pull or push a replica to one of the Netware NSM
Engine Master boxes.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for you help.

This placement was setup by our integrator.