NW6.5 SP3, Bexec. with SSO, cannot start bexec ?
STK - Library with fibre option
2 x HP LTO2 drives
Pls help.....
list storage adapters:
0x06 [V599-A2] QL2X00.HAM on QLA2462 [slot 202]
0x09 [V599-A2-D0:2] HP ULTRIUM 2-SCSI F3A0
0x07 [V599-A2-D0:0] STK L40 0214
0x08 [V599-A2-D0:1] HP ULTRIUM 2-SCSI F3A0

V9.1 - bestart - starts but no shared storage devices found
v9.2 - besrvr - not loaded, failed to initialise

Module DSAPI.NLM is already loaded
Module NETDB.NLM is already loaded
Module SMDR.NLM is already loaded
Module TSAFS.NLM is already loaded
Module TSANDS.NLM is already loaded
Module BECDM.CDM is already loaded
Loading module B2D.NLM
Loading module NRLTLI.NLM
Loading module AD_ASPI.NLM
Loading module NDMPD.NLM
Loading module BEPSVR.NLM
Loading module BESRVR.NLM
Error: 1056

A timeout occurred waiting for BESRVR.NLM to initialize.