A few weeks ago we moved our NSM server to new hardware (following the
FAQ on how to move) and this all went fine - the server has been
happily processing events ever since.

I've just had to re-boot the server because of an abend in XENGEXP.NLM
and now the sentinel screen has the following repeating error:

A228 Unable to create/verify a connection to server <FS-NSM>
A229 Unable to open connection to consolidator server. rc=35

(FS-NSM was the old server the new server is called FS-NSM2)

At the top of the sentinel screen is says:

Local Server: FS-NSM2
Engine Server: FS-NSM

FS-NSM2 runs both the engine and the sentinel for our whole

What's gone wrong? Why has it 'reverted' to FS-NSM?