New to Storage Manager:

How does the settings within a user template affect storage manager

I'm have created a NSM User Policy with the following:

policy associated to staff.mles container
righs = RCF (only as test)
storage template = server/vol1/templates/user/staff (RiDi set in C1)
target path = server/vol1/home
no rules for quota, delete rules, or vault

When I create a new user in the staff.mles container, NSM is not
applying the policy. I'm creating the user with a user template.

If I create the user without using the user template, the NSM policy is
being applied correctly.

Can NSM be set for its policies to take precedence. I need the user
template to set group membership, login times, and other edir info.

Running NSM 2.00.08 on NW 6.5 SP5