all servers are NW6.5 SP6. Engine server is SERVER10, SERVER8 (replica
master and home directories for administration) and SERVER9 (home
directory for formation) are sentinels and event monitors.

On SERVER10 ten "EventServers" counter is on 2 and "SentinelWork" counter
is 0.

When FSFEVENT is loaded on SERVE8 and SERVER9 the screen schows the right
"Local Server" and "Engine Server", "Event" set to Yes but "Sentinel" set
to No.
Date Time 4: M101 Logging Subsystem active. Base debugging level=7.
Date Time 3: A211 FSFEvent start. Ver=2.00.08 Link=Date Time
Date Time 4: Compete Exteded Character Set API is enabled.
Date Time 4: Sentinel is disabled.
Date Time 4: eDirectory event registration process is compete.
Date Time 4: Sentinel subsystem start complete.
Date Time 4: eGuide manager events are being logged.
Date Time 4: Max_CopyDir_Count=3
After comes the hardbeats

In NSMadmin on the SentinelServer list both servers are shown with the
version and last contact info. In the satus field the value 0 is diplayed.

I'm not sure if my sentinel servers are working or not.
Is there some way to test it?