I am working in a large network environment trying to setup and implement
Storage Manager. Currently I am running into an issue with trying to run
backfills on a set of users that were at clustered site. The situation is
that we are currently in the process of migrating a number of our sites to
new hardware and in the case of our clustered sites(such as this one) we
are consolidating down to one server. When I try to run a consistency
check or a homedirectory backfill the Engine server seems to hang on a
process "GetServerConnection: open connection rc=35076
<KMTBE_HOME_SERVER>". Now the server it is trying to connect to is no
longer online. Obviously I am trying to correct the references of the user
accounts to the appropriate server BUT when I try to perform this task it
hangs the server on this one operation(suppose hang is wrong word. It
repeats the same operation I stated earlier). The only thing I've been
able to do is restart the server so that I can release the engine from the
repeated operation. Does anyone have any suggestions to help correct this?