I am hoping you can help me out with a Storage Manager problem. We have
installed Storage Manager on a new server. Everything was going along
fine until I did a Full Backfill on a whole context. As long as I told
it to perform analysis on certain masks (such as a*|b*|c*|d*) it was
okay. When I put an "*" in that field, I got the message in pending
events that the Sentinel Server's queue was full. I waited it out
first, hoping that after a sync, it would all kick in gear again, but it
didn't. I know that when a user is logged in, Storage manager holds
that event until the user has logged out. I also know that it puts the
users account in a Proxy state when it is moving files, and that sometimes
you just have to wait out server syncs. All that said, the Pending
Events were not going anywhere. I removed and re-added Sentinel and
Event servers.

I restarted servers. I Stopped Processing Events and restarted. I was
able to abort a few events, but now it is locked up to where the abort
feature is stuck as well.

I have sent the DUMPCONFIG of the way it is set up right now and a copy of
the pending events to storagemanager-at-novell.com. I have given it 2
days to sync. I'm getting worried now. Can you help me out? Is there
another way to abort pending events, and start over? I had this problem
before and thought it was because I was running SM from a virtual server.
But now I am seeing it again. So sad, I love it when it works!

Novell Open Enterprise Server Netware 6.5

Support Pace Rev 06

Server Version 5.70.06

EDirectory version SMP

NDS Version 10553.73

The server I am transferring the home directories to is a storage server
only. No partition or replica.

The server that houses Storage Manager is DNS server with replicas of
other DNS servers.

The server that the home directories are being moved from holds replicas
of the same DNS servers.

Thank you!