I have a user that is stuck in "coping the source data" This has been
like this for a couple of weeks. We just used NSM to migrate a lot of
users and I am going back and cleaning up the stuck processes.

Source directory and Destination directory have same files. So it appears
that the copy worked.

The Source directory has as trustees the user and an unknown object.
The Destiny directory has no trustees. Also, the quota has not been

The Source directory is still named USER-FSFMOVE.

What is the proper way to handle this issue? We have only had this a few

Abort or Bypass? In Console One, the path is pointing to the correct
Default server, I think. This is the new cluster server resource. The
volume is pointing to the NSM Engine Server, SYS volume. The path is

What are detailed steps on how best to handle this. I plan on documenting
this as a trouble-shooting manual for future issues.