We've got a bunch of shared storage areas we need to move from one volume to
another, but I'm not seeing an obvious way to do this as we would with a
user home directory. I can change the policy to point to the new server /
drive path, and I can use the "group storage management" backfill menu to
run a backfill. However, there's no equivalent to the "enforce the policy
path settings for each user by moving the home directory if needed" checkbox
on the backfill policy screen for "Group Storage Management". Based on the
documentation, it doesn't look like NSM 2.0 would change this behavior.

I don't want to just manually alter the eDirectory attribute without knowing
what it'll do, since it then won't match the FSF database and it seems like
we'd end up with a bunch of stuck events. Any suggestions? I need to do this
in a hurry, and I'd assumed it worked something like a user backfill. We're
using this to manage space for backups from customers' computers at our