Greetings Novell Guru's

I have quite the question. I presently work at the University of Florida
in Gainesville, Florida and our labs are setup using Novell Printing
(Iprint.) With Windows Vista becoming ever more popular many of the
students on campus and in our labs cannot print to the printers when using
the Iprint configuration (in fact they can't even install the client.)

Does anyone have a walk around that might offer a temporary solution to
this printing problem? With any luck they will release a Beta version of
Iprint within the coming weeks and that will provide a stop-gap measure
until the full blown client will be ready sometime "Mid-2007"(to quote

Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!

Jonathan David Essex
IT Specialist
University of Florida Computing Help Desk
University of Florida / Gainesville, Florida