1. I am using Traditional Volumes and prior to my installing SP6 I
swear to you I was able to increase disk space using NWADMIN but now I
can only manage SYS which is *_the_only_* NSS Volume I have using

2. I've tried using ConsoleOne and I also went into Imanager today to
try to increase the disk space for a user on my User volume the error
message read as follows:

"Could not get volume user restriction information on USERS. A program
or NCP packet called an NSS routine with an invalid parameter. Contact
the provider of the program"

3. This is happening on all my Traditional Volumes and when I go into
NWADMIN I can do EVERYTHING but view user diskspace because at that
point the NWADMIN application hangs up and I have to close out NWADMIN
altogether. Current version running on server is below and thank you.

Server Information: Novell OES Support PK 6
Edirectory Version
NDS Version 10553.73