This is just a workaround until i solve my perticular issue with slow
iprint installs at login of user printers. It took some time to figure out
since im a *nix guy but perhaps someone can have some use of it.

Instead of installing printers every single time a user logs in there is
another way of solving the distribution of printers to different users

Its possible to do by hand but much easier with Zenworks for Desktops.

In Console one edit or create a policy for a group or container that needs
a perticular set of printers. Choose the platform for the policy, Windows
2003. Then dynamic local user and use the Custom button to create a custom
group and create a windows group named so that you can easily recognize
what set of printers it controls.

You now have a local group on your terminal server that you can use to
manage the rights to printers installed on it. Just choose the printer you
want to give rights to and then add the group you created to the printer.
Remove rights to the ALL group and if nessesary the Priviliged Users group.

Install all the printers needed as workstation printers and for every
printer setup rights so that only the group that should see it has rights
to it. This way you should not see any issues with printers taking long
time to appear. They are not removed at logout wich should also remedy
some issues with userprofiles not unloading properly.

Remember to remove any automatic install of iprint printers from the
Windows 2003 zenworks policy.