I've just upgraded several servers from 6.5 SP3 to 6.5 SP6. What was
once a reasonably stable backup system is now a nightmare. We have
trouble even completing a backup on a couple of the servers. Most of
the time they end in "error 41 - network timeout", although they get
over 90% of the way to completion.

What's worse is the server usually becomes frozen or hung within a few
hours of the backup timing out. Using SEG.NLM, we were seeing
DSLOADER.NLM and NSS.NLM taking ever increasing amounts of memory until
we started getting the following two errors on the console screen:

9-17-2007 11:34:43 am: SERVER-5.70-0
Severity = 5 Locus = 19 Class = 2
Cache memory allocator out of available memory.


"A scheduled "Work To Do" took over one minute to be run".

These may or may not be related, however, shortly after we start seeing
several of these on the screen, the server eventually freezes, and needs
a power cycle to restore operation.

We have run MEMCALC.NLM on the servers and applied the suggested memory
tuning changes. So far, the total cache buffers appears to be not
dwindling nearly as fast. However, this did not help the backups, and
ultimately, we have to reboot after attempting one.

Prior to SP6, we were running NetBackup 5.0-MP5. In an effort to
troubleshoot this, we've tried 5.0 MP7, and now even 6.0 MP5. (according
to Symantec/Veritas, you can use any version of the client on
Windows/NetWare as long as it's not older than the server). None of the
client changes have resolved either of the above issues.

I also upgraded the HP Drivers (this is a ProLiant ML 380 G3) from 7.30A
to 7.80A.

I also updated the QL2340 drivers (QL2X00.HAM) from EMC's website,
specifically the one mentioned in the support matrix for 6.5 SP6 and the
version of Clariion code we have. This was newer than the one in SP6.

I'm wondering if there is a TSA issue introduced since 6.5 SP3? I
believe we were on TSA5UP18 prior to the SP6 installation.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the backup running
again? Additionally, any insight on what I can do to troubleshoot the
memory issues would be helpful as well.

Thanks for any help!!