Hello all,

I am not really sure where this belongs so I thought I would start here.

Facts: Netware OES 6.5 sp6, Groupwise 7.0.1sp1 hp??, Gwava 4 and Sophos.

I can not launch Cimom to monitor my server. I have 4 other servers working just fine. openwbem.ncf tried to load but doesn't.

I came across TID 1010095 which told me to load bash and then run a few commands to fix the cert. Well on this server I can not simply run BASH from the command line like the other servers. I have to run sys:\bin\bash.At this point, I do not get my server name at the prompt and therefore, I don think the /SYSTEM/CIMOM/ETC/OPENWBEM/OWGENCERT --FORCE works correctly.

Loading openwbem.ncf I get the following error:
[1]safeLibCreate::create failed getting function pointer to "createProviderIFC" from library
[1]Unable to load ProviderIFC library libnpiprovifc.nlm
[1]NetWareAuthenticator: LDAP initialization complete
[1]dlSharedLibraryLoader::loadSharedLibrary dlopen returned NULL. Error is: (dlfcn) No such symbol was found.
[1]CIMOM failed to load indication rep layer library /system/cimom/lib/openwbem/libowindicationreplayer.nlm
[1]* OW_PosixFileSystem.cpp: 464 FileSystemException: Can't open random file for writing