Hello (Rainar most likely :))

I have tried to push the new ZLM HP5 to my clients. i have generated a
report of the software inventory, and it dosnt look good.

a little over half of my servers have the new HP installed.

this is how i did it.
i used zlmmirror to download the patch (which went from version 4 to 8 in
i made a copy of the bundle that zlmmirror created.
i associated all my devices with the copy-bundle (i have a group where all
my servers/devices are a member)
i picked the option "Deploy and install immediately (when this wizard

within one hour, zlm took me to where i am now.

but how do i trobleshoot from here? i mean, this really really sucks, if i
click deploy and install, i would execpt the patch to be installed within
10-15 minutes.
if i logon to each server and do rug restart, it will get the patch
installed - but i dont think this should be nessesary

I have a mixture of SLES9 (ranging all SPs) and SLES10 (non-SP1) and the
problem is pretty random.