I have novell 6.5 sp6 and Zfd 7sp1.

From consoleOne I can done the action "remote control" when the
workstation is already turn on.

I can do the "remote wakeup" but after I can't do the login. I can't see
the window novell login.
When the machine is up I have tried to do the action "remote control" but
I have this error:

1456 the remote management agent is unable to read information from
eDirectory.verify the workstation object is valid and the middle tier
server is up and running.

Into the event log I have seen this (under application):
Remote operator: cn=moni.ou=mio.o=mytree.t=tree
console address: CN=P30g-0510_1_1_1.ou=workstation.o=mytree.t=tree

invalid NDS authentication informatiom.

Please, Can sonmeone help me?

thanks for all and excuse me for my poor english I'm italian.