Hi together,

just a short question if anybody of you has seen the same error as we do:

Sometimes about 4 weeks after the zlm client was started it crashed and no
process with zmd was available. Instead we found in the zlm client log
directory (/var/log on sles10, /var/opt/novell/logs/zenworks on sles9,oes)
a file called zmd-messages.<date> with exactly 50 bytes size.

That file contains the following message:
ERROR: could not create remoting socket directory

The modification time of that file is the date when the zlm client crashed
and the date suffix in the filename is the date when the zlm client was
started before,.

Just interested if anybody else see this.
We are currently investigating the problem with novell support and
development and this is the most often issue when a zlm client crashes in
our environment. If they can solve this it would help a lot.