46EE7E55:390:8a264500:027 Servicing Backlinks for 0 servers
46EE7E55:390:8a264500:027 Objects reference checked in partition 33:
46EE7E55:392:8a264500:027 Finished reference check succeeded
46EE7E55:401:8a264500:027 Saving reference check configuration
parameters succeeded
46EE7E55:408:8a2775c0:039 RemoteGetReplicaRing iterationHandle =


The last line about "RemoteGetReplicaRing iterationHandle = 00000000"
is repeated several times. The only change is the 2nd set of numbers,
which increment at random intervals.

Any ideas what that is?? Why dont I see the "All processed = yes" in
green at the end of the backlink check??? I remember seeing that on
NW6.5 SP3.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


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