I just got iPrint fully functional for the Windows users on my network
with the iPrint client and the whole deal -- it's a beautiful thing.

My next step was to get my Mac OS X workstations doing the same thing.
Most printers installed and printed fine for OS X 10.4.x workstations with
the exception of Xerox network copiers and printers not installing PPDs
properly. All of my OS X 10.3.x workstations cannot install any printers
giving this error: "iPrinter encountered a problem trying to install the
printer. The filter(s) specified in the PPD could not be found/resolved."

This is the same error that my Intel workstations received when trying to
install the Xerox copiers/printers.

The iPrint client for the Macs is version 4.26.

Any clues? Searching the knowledge base and Google hasn't turned up any
solutions for me so far.

Thanks for the help!!!