We are currently running BM 38SP5. We are running Linkwall by Connectotel
for content filtering and probably have about two dozen packet filters set
up. Everything is solid and stable.The VPN works very well and we are
running Trend ServerProtect for AV.

BUT, its running on a seven year old P3 666Mhz server that needs to be
upgraded. We have new hardware, but I need advice on the best way to
migrate. I would like to keep the same server name and IP address and same
location in the eDir tree, We plan on an upgrade to BM39 as long as we are
at it.

Should I run the migration wizard to move Netware, or am I better off just
installing a clean copy and then changing the name and IP address once I put
it into production?

Can you point me to instructions on how to copy the packet filter database
from 3.8 to 3.9 ? I'm assuming I'll do a clean copy of BM3.9 once I get
Netware going.

Any other plans, advice or gotchas I should be aware of? Is there a "phase
in" approach that won't require me to be down for a full day while I do