Goal: to record/audit who is logging in via Middle Tier
We have Novell Audit which is recording the login events, but the source
IP address is our NW65 ZFD7sp1 MiddleTier server, not the workstation that
the remote user is sitting at.
What I need to record is EXACTLY the same as the data in
https://serverip/oneNet/nsadmin "Current Sessions". This lists the userID,
IP address and Login Time, but the information doesn't seem to hit any log

I've logged in to middle tier with account FredSmith, then searched the
SYS: volume for ALL files CONTAINING the string "FredSmith" to no avail.
I've turned on the logging for XTier via the Registry but that only gives
me startup & error events, not that FredSmith logged in at at

I have also looked into the Apache .conf files (xserv.conf in
sys:Apache2conf and sys:NetStorage) to see if there is an Apache logging
option for the oneNet site/alias.

Can anyone assist ?
Nathan McGair