Hi together,

I wrote earlier this year a perl script for my comapny that helps us to
monitor the software distribution and installation with zlm. We use the
bundle scripts to get seme information and put them together in a html
page that refreshes all view seconds and you see axactly where the package
is currently getting downloaded, installed and so on.

Now during my holidays I rewrote the script to php and need some tester
for it before I post it a the cool solutions.

Even if you do not have bundle scripts assigned, the php script will
show you a list of all assigned bundles and after it's selection
display you a list of devices where that bundle goes and you also see the
date of the last contact of the zlm server on that.

All you need for running it is a apache2 / php5 installation. I use a sles
10 box for it.

If you are interested please post here and I can send you some screen
shots as well as the script with a short documentation.

I'm on vacation from the 20th till the 24th of sept. maybe there is a
delay for my answer.