I have a Windows 2003 server. 12% disk usage. one section of use near the
beginning, another section perhaps 20% out on the disk. Windows fragments
the wee wee out of each section where it continues to write over and over
and over and over but it does not write in between the two segments and it
does not write beyond the second segment where it has roughly 60% of the
disk capacity which remains untouched since the server was installed a year

I guess I can kind of see NTFS being brain dead enough to keep trying to
fill up the beginning of the disk, especially when it is mostly writing
small files. But what explains the gap between the two segements *and* the
never writing beyond the second segment? How in H*** did they get it to do
that? The only way I can see that happening is if FAT can't count without
taking it's shoes off and it seems to have only taken one shoe off.

This behavior of course makes the disk slower than even Windows will
tolerate since it keeps getting errors when it takes forever to find
anything and fetch it back. I can understand Windows being too freaking
brain dead to find out if the disk is still trying to fill a request before
it errors out, that's fairly typical Microsoft programming, and something
we've lived with for a long time (UAEs). The how come part for me is HOW