Ive run into problems with User Directory Quotas. When i try to manage
them or list them in Imanager / Storage / Volumes / i get an error
message: Could not get volume user restriction information on VOLUMENAME

In /var/log/messages it says:

adminfs daemon: adminusd: Error writing to the admin file service device:
Unknown error 512
adminfs daemon: adminusd: Error reading from the admin file service device
kernel: NSS error out of range for translation. Error=987123

And finally /var/log/novell/ :

DoRequestReply: unable to pwrite data to "/_admin/Manage_NSS/manage.cmd"
nssScanVolumeQuotaUsers manage.cmd failed rc=22

I do use EVMS, everything else works and the server is fully patched. Does
anyone run user quotas on OES Linux successfully?