Starting a new thread, related to the other one.
I was suffering from the inventory missing problem, and I've applied the
fix proposed on the forum. Now, inventory is back on the agent, and I'm
able to run it (either manually, or with the schedule) On the
workstation, I'm even able to view it, and it seems to be fine. On the
server, it's missing from the inventory tab of the device, and I can't
generate report for those devices. Devices that have been scan prior to
the bug are still in the db, but no new inventory are uploaded in the

Here's what I found in the services-messages.log file, which seems to be
related :
[DBOGAGE] [07-09-19 08:44:30] [] [File Upload Servlet] [It took 47
milliseconds to upload the file data.] [It took 47 milliseconds to upload
the file data.] [] []

[DBOGAGE] [07-09-19 08:44:30] [] [File Upload Servlet] [Upload Request
Finished (67) 200] [Upload Request Finished (67) 200] [] []

[DBOGAGE] [07-09-19 08:44:44] [] [[[QuickTask Service]]] [Quick Task Web
Service --------------- doPost] [Quick Task Web Service ---------------
doPost] [] []

[DBOGAGE] [07-09-19 08:44:44] [] [[[Inventory Web Service]]] [Exception:
Invalid Machine object] [Exception: Invalid Machine object] [] []

The invalied Machine object seems to be the problem, but nothing