Netware 6.5 sp5

We have quite a few users that have upgraded to Office 2007 and are
now starting to save with the new "docx", "xlsx", etc... extension. I
have gotten a few reports (and I have confirmed) that when you
double-click on a file in Nestorage it presents you with a dialog asking
to save the file with the "zip" extension on the end (probably because
the new office 2007 docs are really zip files). I have found that the
work-around for this is to just check the checkbox next to the file and
click on "file" -> "download" (instead of double-clicking) and this then
will save the file with the correct extension. The problem is that most
of our users (we are in education) are use to double-clicking to save the

Is there a fix for this "double-click" issue for Netstorage? I am
assumming it is related to mime-type setting for apache or tomcat but have
not been successful in finding it.

Anybody else having this same issue?

Thanks in advance.