We have a WinXP Pro SP2 workstation that I need to upgrade from client
4.91.0 to 4.91.3. (I need the background login to another server function.)
After installing the update (antivirus is disabled) the server login script
will not execute any part of the script that requires the Windows NTVDM.
Just get a black window that is hung. Forcing termination of the window
opens the next one which is also hung, and so on until script is finished.
Network drives are mapped, but no printers captured, etc.

All was working correctly until I tried to upgrade the client. I first
removed the old client from the control panel before installing the new one.

We are still using NW 3.2 (I know, I know) and client is installed IPX only,
no NMAS or other bells and whistles.

Opening a CMD box on the workstation also hangs. Login "Workstation only "
and CMD box works. Remove Novell client and CMD works.

Before reverting back to the old client (which means this workstation can't
use the background login) any other ideas? Somehow Windoze and the client
are fighting over the NTVDM.