Hello there

We want to redistribute the storage space in our Disk System. Initially
and due to lack of experience on cluster environment we put all our
clustered volumes/pools on the same logical unit on the SAN. Now we want
to migrate to a 1:1:1:1 (lun:partition:pool:volume) scheme due to
performance and space management reasons.

The first candidate for this is our NDPS/iPrint resource. We want to
move it to a smaller volume. Initially was sized at 15GB which later was
found to be a waste of space. The new Pool will be about 3/4GB.

Next we will doing the same with ZEN Volume. Wich is running out of
space because we are using ZEN imaging more than we expected.

What to do?

Backup volume. Delete clustered resource and recreate with the same name
IP in the new LUN? Or there is a simplier way?

Thanks in advance.